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I have tested some FTP downloads and it is working very well.  Now, I wish to know how to do the download using HTTP  which is a more modern protocol.

What would be the URL file path to do this ?  How do we place in security like password and user IDs ?

Thank you and appreciate your reply.




2/26/2016 12:44:59 PM

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Subject: Re:How to do http download


To let other users download files using HTTP, you can either share or publish the folder containing the files. 

Using DriveHQ FileManager client software, or just log on to, you can right click on a folder and share or publish it. If you only want to share the folder with a few users, please use the Share feature. You can share folders to different users and set different permissions.

After you share a folder, you can send a Share Notification email to the users; they can then click on the share link to access the shared folder.


A more secure file sharing solution is to use our Group Account feature. You can create a sub-account first, then share your folder with the sub-user. Other people can log on as the sub-user to access the shared folder. 


If you want to create static links to your files (or folders), you can use our Publish feature. After you publish a folder, you can use the publish URLs linking to the folder and files in it. 


3/9/2016 2:13:22 PM

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