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  • Mark Griffin
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I just signed up yesterday and I'm lovin' it! I was with another service for almost three years, but they messed up my monthly billing and I couldn't get any downloads or get it fixxed for three days. I was able to sign up here and get everything moved in just a few hours. DriveHQ is GREAT!!! Hope to be here for many years.


2/21/2007 6:04:37 PM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: New member here

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your compliments. Yes, DriveHQ will be here for many years. We are a company with real technologies and real services. We spend little money on marketing and advertisement, so we are not in any money-burning business model. Our users are attracted by our software and features.

We have just made a major upgrade to the website. A lot of features are now more clearly presented and better organized. We are still fine tuning the new version. We expect it will be finished in less than 10 days. When it finishes, the website / applications will be faster.

2/22/2007 12:47:46 PM

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