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Hi, I have used your service for some time now. I am extremely impressed with your products/technologies. I had used some photo storage services before, that experience was not so good. I think FileManager is probably the best photo uploader software. You might want to offer tailored service for photo enthusiasts? If users are like me, your service could be very popular among photo users.

9/24/2006 12:46:36 AM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: Photo storage service

That's a very good comment. We believe we have the best online photo storage technologies and infrastructure. In fact, DriveHQ team had worked on online photo storage and sharing services back in the .com era. Our technologies / products are certainly better than those offered by Flickr, webshots, ofoto, etc. We have excellent client-side photo editing technology, we also have excellent server-side photo editing technologies, our client software, incl. FileManager (file management, upload/download, sharing tool) and WWWBackup (online backup software) are generations ahead of any other photo storage services.

This being said, we understand that the photo storage service market has been very mature. To enter this market requires a lot of marketing efforts. DriveHQ has made significant inroads in the online storage / backup business. We are now ranked number 4 in this business. Once we accumulate more momentum, we will "redefine the online photo service"! Stay tuned.


9/24/2006 3:15:36 AM

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