Online storage that works just like your local drive, accessible from anywhere!

DriveHQ takes the online storage service to a new level. You can drag and drop files / folders, directly edit a remote file and save it, or map a cloud drive.

Business customers can use our Group Account service. You can allocate storage space to each sub-user, or create folders in your own account and share different folders to different sub-users with different permissions. It is very similar to multiple computers in a company managed by the IT department.

Other online storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive cannot match our features. For example, Both Dropbox and Google Drive offer a desktop client. The desktop client creates a special folder on your PC, which is synchronized with your cloud storage. The weakness is very clear: If you want to access your cloud files using a desktop application, then all files must be sync-ed to the special folder on your PC. Otherwise, you must use a web browser to access your cloud files.

When you have multiple computers, the data must be duplicated on every computer for efficient access. For a business with many computers and over 100GB of data, such a synchronized folder is very inefficient as it not only wastes storage space on each computer, but also unnecessarily uses a lot of bandwidth. With DriveHQ's FileManager or WebDAV drive mapping service, It is much more efficient than a sync-ed folder. (DriveHQ also has more advanced and efficient folder sync features than Dropbox).

DriveHQ Web DriveHQ Online Storage Web Screenshots - The Windows Explorer style user Interface is very easy to use.
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FileManager DriveHQ FileManager Screenshot - The Explorer or FTP style user Interface is very easy to use.
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  • Drag-n-drop upload or download
  • Quick sharing, advanced sharing and publishing
  • DriveHQ FileManager and drive mapping
  • Sub-accounts, Group Sharing and Collaboration
  • Advanced Folder Synchronization