Map DriveHQ Cloud Storage as a Network Drive. Completely Replace Your Local File Server!

DriveHQ cloud storage can be mapped as a network drive. You can easily access it using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. It is NO DOUBT the most straight-forward way of accessing cloud storage, more so than Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and One Drive's folder sync service.

  • For Businesses and Enterprises: Easily migrate file servers to the cloud and receive all the benefits offered by a cloud-based service. Employees don't need to be re-trained; they probably don't even notice any big changes as they will be accessing the same drive letters as before.
  • For System Administrators or IT Staff: Offers many advanced user, group and security management features, along with high-end features like Active Directory Integration, SSO, pre-configuring a list of folders to be mapped automatically and the specific drive letters to use, etc. These features are extremely useful to enterprise customers. Why migrate to an unfamiliar web browser or folder sync based cloud storage system that many employees hate to learn, not to mention such solution is usually not scalable for enterprise use?
  • For Consumers and Individual Users: As easy as an external drive, users don't need to carry an external drive. The cloud drive is accessible from anywhere at any time, not to mention it is more reliable and more functional.

Cloud-based drive mapping is usually inefficient and unreliable. Our Enterprise WebDAV Solution is generations ahead of other WebDAV solutions. Combined with DriveHQ FileManager, FTP and Online Backup, we can meet the most demanding requirements of large enterprises.

DriveHQ WebDAV drive mapping features highlight:
  • Easy: It is extremely easy to map DriveHQ cloud storage as a network drive, and it is extremely easy to access it.
  • Secure: Supports HTTPS/SSL, data communication between the server and the client is encrypted.
  • Access Control: Share multiple folders to various users with different permissions.
  • Remote Access: Access and share files from anywhere using mapped drive, browser, FTP or DriveHQ FileManager.
  • Cross Platform: WebDAV is a standard protocol that works on PC, Mac, Linux & mobile devices.
  • Cloud IT Integration: It seamlessly integrates with DriveHQ Cloud IT service. You can access other Cloud IT services for no extra charges.
  • File Versioning and File Locking: DriveHQ WebDAV service supports file locking; file versioning is supported on all DriveHQ services.
  • Group Management: DriveHQ WebDAV is integrated with DriveHQ's group account service. Enterprises can create and manage nested sub-groups and sub-users.
  • Active Directory Integration & SSO: With our native support for Active Directory Integration and SSO, employees can logon the cloud drive using the same email and password on the Active Directory domain.

WebDAV drive mapping FAQ

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  • What is WebDAV?
  • I am a DriveHQ user, how do I map DriveHQ online storage as a WebDAV drive?
  • How to use a WebDAV drive?
  • How much does it cost to use DriveHQ WebDAV drive?
  • What is the download / upload limit on WebDAV?
  • What is the No.1 technical advice that users should know about WebDAV?
  • I am not a DriveHQ user, and I have received a share notification e-mail from my friend. Can I access the shared folder through WebDAV to download all files / folders at once?
  • What access level will I have for a shared folder from a friend?
  • Can I share a folder to one user with write permission, and another user with read-only permission?
  • Can I just let everybody access my folder without an account and without logon?
  • How about security? Does it support data encryption? Is it secure for financial or healthcare industry?

You can use WebDAV with FileManager/FTP. WebDAV is great for small files, FileManager has more features, and both FTP and FileManager can handle large files and folders with great efficiency.

Features DriveHQ WebDAV drive DriveHQ FileManager DriveHQ FTP
Client software installation Not required Required Optional (Operating systems already have default FTP client)
Drag and drop support
Direct open, edit and save remote files Usually no; (except Microsoft Office supports FTP Folder)
Map a Drive Letter
File Locking A workaround is available
Integration with DriveHQ Cloud Storage - uses the same cloud storage system - uses the same cloud storage system - uses the same cloud storage system
Operating System Support Almost all systems, incl. Windows (and Win 8 RT tablets), Mac, Linux and mobile, etc. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and WP Almost all operating systems
File encryption on server supports encrypted folder
Supports SSL - HTTPS - HTTPS - FTPS (FTP over SSL)
File Caching to minimize upload / download Depends; most FTP clients don't support caching
Data compression for faster upload / download
Resume interrupted uploads / downloads
MagicUpload support ( can dramatically speed up uploading in certain cases)
Share or Publish foldrs
Access Shared or Published foldrs
Automatic Folder Synchronization
Bandwidth throttle - to avoid FileManager from using all bandwidth and making other network applications too slow.
File versioning