Drag-n-drop Upload / Download Files, Up to 3 times Faster, No File Size Limit

Whether you are transferring thousands of files or a single file larger than 10GB, DriveHQ FileManager transfers them with great ease and reliability. There is no limit on the number or size of files. Our advanced caching and compression technologies make upload and download lightning fast.

Optimized for transferring large and many files
DriveHQ Client software can resume broken transfers from the point of interruption, and never transfers the same file twice. Drag-n-drop hundreds of files / folders and leave it running for hours until all tasks are finished.

Our competitors like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box don't have the same robust upload / download technologies.
Our competitors use web browsers or sync client to upload / download files. Browser-based upload (download) methods are inefficient and unreliable. The max file size is usually limited to 1GB to 4GB. It also cannot upload / download folders (or require additional ActiveX controls / Plug-ins). The biggest problem is that a lot of browsers are bloated and unreliable. If your browser crashes, or if you visited another web page, your current upload / download tasks will be interrupted, and upload tasks cannot be resumed.

Using the desktop sync client to upload / download large files is also problematic. The problem is users don't have much control over the sync process. When you need to download / upload a 50MB file, the sync client might be synchronizing another file of 2GB that takes many hours.

It is for these reasons that FTP remains the tried-and-true technology for transferring large files and folders. DriveHQ natively supports FTP so users can use any FTP client software to upload / download large files. Moreover, DriveHQ offers its own FileManager client software, which works even better than an FTP client!

DriveHQ has many advanced upload / download technologies.
DriveHQ client software supports transparent data compression, in some cases, the transfer speed can be 3 to 6 times faster; DriveHQ client software supports incremental upload / download; DriveHQ client software has supported MagicUpload technology many years ago, before the term de-duplication became popular; DriveHQ client software supports bandwidth throttling.

DriveHQ supports many upload / download methods.
DriveHQ offers many convenient way of uploading / downloading files. (It sounds like overwhelming, but if you share files with your customers, they will appreciate the multiple methods.) Users can use any web browser to upload/download files without installing any client software; users can use Flash-based batch uploader in any web browser; users can directly drag and drop files into their cloud folder in an HTML-5 enabled web browser; users can use the FTP folder to drag and drop files and folders using Windows Explorer; users can use WebDAV drive mapping to directly access cloud files. And of course, the most efficient and reliable ways of transferring files are DriveHQ client software and FTP.

Remote file access, sharing and collaboration
Accessing your files from anywhere with FileManager. If files have been accessed before, you can access them again even if you are not connected to the Internet. (i.e. offline access). You can share a folder in one click. Folders shared to you are readily accessible in your own account (under the virtual folder: "DriveHQ Share"). Different permissions can be set for different members, which allows a group of peple working on the same folder / file(s).

Automatic Folder synchronization
FileManager can automatically synchronize a local folder with a remote folder. You can also synchronize a local folder with a remote folder shared by others, as long as you have full-access permission to the shared folder. This allows multi-computer, multi-account folder synchronization!