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 I want to add my phone to a security camera system already up 4 camera zosi system already running 

6/27/2024 10:14:23 PM

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Subject: Re:Installing a security camera system with camera ftp apps trying to add My pho...

CameraFTP cloud service can provide cloud based storage for IP cameras and NVRs. Our service is compatible with almost all non-proprietary IP cameras and NVRs (meaning the device supports standard protocols such as FTP, SMTP, ONVIF and RTSP, etc. and is not locked in with the manufacturer's own service. ) 

It seems you want to use a phone as an IP camera? You just need to install CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera app for iOS or Android. It can turn an old smartphone/tablet as an IP Security camera or baby/pet monitor. It works even better than a regular IP camera or Pet/baby monitor as it supports two-way video and audio viewing or calling, and it is extremely easy. In this case, it does not require another NVR. The cloud service can act as a cloud-based NVR.

CameraFTP also supports all webcams. You can use a webcam as an IP security camera by installing our Webcam Security Camera app, or CameraFTP VSS software. The VSS software is very powerful. It can use an old PC as a CCTV NVR system. The software is free and the basic service is also free, you can save a lot of cost on NVR system. (The cloud recording service is not free). 

We have a lot of tutorial videos, please visit:


6/27/2024 10:53:23 PM

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