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  • kamyloncapital
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Now that I have DriveHQ File Manager installed, I expected it would be easy to map to a drive letter. This is listed as one of the features, but I can't figure it out and I didn't see anything in the help file. How do you do it? Thanks again.

9/12/2008 11:43:41 AM

  • capetech
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Subject: Re: How do you map to a drive?
Try the synchronized folder. It is not the same as a mapped drive because local copies are kept. Xdrive has a mapping feature but I had disastrous results with that years ago before I switched. I don't think it has been perfected (i.e. having your computer see a "drive" that is very slow compared to a real drive on a computer or LAN).

9/12/2008 2:21:47 PM

  • DriveHQSupport
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Subject: Re:How do you map to a drive? - Update

Update as of 10/2/2014:


For users using our drive mapping service on Windows, we now strongly recommend installing our WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool:

It is extremely easy. Just log on to the tool and you will be able to map a drive. You don't need to optimize the performance yourself any more. The tool will automatically fine tune the performance and reliability for you. As the result, DriveHQ Enterprise WebDAV Solution is more reliable than almost any other WebDAV services.

For system administrators, you can configure your sub-users to automatically map to a specific folder. It works just like your in-house file server, you can map multiple drives, incl. shared drives and set various levels of permissions to different users.

10/2/2014 2:52:37 PM

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