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I was wondering if I should tranfer a text file containing all my accounts and passwords to My Storage so that I can access them from both home and work. I noticed that the connection while managing my files and folder was not https. Is it safe to transfer and access the above mentioned file to driveHQ?

By the way: I used drivehq today instead of using a USB storage when I needed to transfer some work files to my home. :) I'm sticking with drivehq and I'm recommending it to my colleagues!

Best regards
C. Willassen

2/21/2007 11:12:56 AM

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Subject: Re: Security / https

Hi, thank you for using our service and for your support!

If you store your account info files on DriveHQ storage, we recommend using the encrypted folder feature of FileManager. Please make sure you remember your encryption key. Please note Encrypted Folder is more secure than HTTPS. HTTPS only encrypts data while transferring to Once the file is uploaded, it is not encrypted on

With DriveHQ Encrypted Folder, your files are encrypted locally using a private encryption key which is only known to yourself. Your files are then uploaded to and stay encrypted. It will be extremely hard for other people to steal your files. They would have to break in to get access to your files; then they need to find your file from billions of files on; finally, they must have your encryption key to decrypt your files.

FYI, both FileManager and WWWBackup support HTTPS. It is not turned on by default. It is not recommended using HTTPS to transfer big video / audio / image files.

2/21/2007 3:53:24 PM

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