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Help, create my account "DriveHQ" user "jesusquin" initially allowed me to access from file explorer Win8 and automation via WININET, but after a while of testing did not make it, only allow access from your website or through FileManager.
In automation mode has failed to change directories.
Thanks for your feedback, jesusquin.

7/12/2014 6:01:13 AM

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Subject: Re:Ftp automation
The FTP hosting service is included in our free basic service, however, it is designed for personal and casual use only. If you use it extensively, or if it is for business, please order a subscription. Our service price starts at only $1.99/month or $19.99/year.
The free FTP service is limited to 25 logons/day. If you upgrade, the limit will be dramatically higher, and you can also access, another FTP site dedicated to paid members. 
If you use our FTP service for IP cameras, please visit 

7/12/2014 4:06:33 PM

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