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The OpenSSL "Heartbleed" security bug has affected most of Internet websites. As reported, this security bug is very severe. A hacker could remotely gain access to the private key of an affected website's SSL certificate, which is used for encrypting data. The hacker could access your password and other sensitive information that was transferred to and from the affected website. What's even worse is: nothing is logged, so the hacker could do this without leaving any trace. The bug has existed for about 2 years, and it is unknown whether it was already exploited. At this time, most websites have patched the security flaw, however, the impact probably will last for some time as those affected websites need to revoke and re-issue their SSL certificates; moreover, they need to advise their users to change their passwords as some passwords may have already been hacked.

The good news is,, and our reseller websites are (were) NOT affected in anyway as we don't use OpenSSL. So you don't need to worry about anything.

However, if you used the same password for DriveHQ / CameraFTP with an affected website, then it is recommended that you change your password on DriveHQ.


4/11/2014 9:26:09 AM

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