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  • Josiane-Wileman
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Dear support

I have an active thread which I am not getting response from.

Basically I have 2 machines with realtime sync jobs set up to the same folder.
When I delete files on the one machine, the reappear after a few minutes.
Both machines run the latest version of the DHQ Filemanager.

I have been able to reproduce the problem and want to get assistance from you, but I can never get through to anyone when I have it ready.

Is there a way for me to contact anyone or arrange for a time to get assistance?





1/23/2014 6:33:26 AM

  • DriveHQSupport
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Subject: Re:Deleted files re-appearing

It seems you have an older version FileManager. As of today, the latest version is Version 5.2 Build 898.

Please upgrade your FileManager to the latest version on all your computers. You can download the latest version FileManager by visiting home page, scroll down to the bottom, then click on FileManager. The problem should have been fixed. If you still experience any problem, please call / email DriveHQ support with more detailed information.

If you have a huge folder, it will take longer to synchronize. If most of your files (sub-folders) don't change, you probably don't need to keep synchronizing all of them. You can use DriveHQ FileManager or WebDAV Drive Mapping to access your cloud files directly.

DriveHQ FileManager supports Enterprise Folder Synchronization feature - instead of synchronizing your entire storage to a single special folder on your computer, you can:

- Sync any local folder with any cloud folder;

- Sync multiple folders with multiple sync tasks;

- Set one-way or two-way synchronization; 

- Sync different folders with different schedules

1/23/2014 9:09:10 AM

  • Josiane-Wileman
  • (10 posts)
Subject: Re:Deleted files re-appearing

Dear support.

We are going full circle now with "update to the latest version". I had to do that to try to fix it last time too.

I am now on Version 5.2 Build 898 on both machines. But it looks like I have taken 2 steps back. I now cant get the folders to sync in order to get to a point where I can call you to show you what it does.

I have about 10 jobs on each machine and half of them just stops during syncing with a status of "stopped". I cleared the event log, re-ran one of them and in the even it shows as completed, but the status remains "stopped".

Is there a way to trace what is going on/wrong in the job?

This is beyond frustrating.



1/28/2014 3:09:13 AM

  • Josiane-Wileman
  • (10 posts)
Subject: Re:Deleted files re-appearing

 Josiane, we are very troubled by your continued issues, and definitely do not want you to feel any frustration over our service. We will have one of our support engineers contact you directly to setup a remote desktop support. 

1/28/2014 8:57:48 AM

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