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I use my FTP account to store jpeg files from my security webcam.  When I look at the uploads the files don't seem to very recent.  What is the typical latency of FTP upoads appearing on DriveHQ ?

3/27/2013 8:16:50 AM

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Subject: Re:Latency of FTP uploads appearing on DriveHQ ?

We would recommend all camera users using instead of using DriveHQ's FTP hosting service is designed as part of the Cloud IT service for business customers. CameraFTP is much more optimized for security cameras. We keep adding more features to In the last 6 months, we have added browser-based camera viewer for mobile devices, native camera viewer apps for iPhone and Android, "virtual security camera" software such as WebCam FTP Service 1.0 and Mobile Security Camera for Android 1.0.  Down the road, we will support sharing and publishing cameras, group account service, mobile security camera for iOS, multi-camera viewer, etc.

For existing customers who are already using DriveHQ's service for their security cameras, please make sure you go to My Account page, click on Account Options and check the checkbox "This account is used for security camera only".

Both the CameraFTP and DriveHQ FTP servers cache the uploaded images in memory for about 1 minute. The uploaded images are then packaged into a zip file. This is more efficient for image storage and playback.





4/1/2013 4:22:16 PM

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