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Can someone please show me a typical html format for thisnsite something like the one below that works that will allow me to insert pics in eBay text.  I just can't get this to work on ebay as I try to insert html pics in the text.

<IMG SRC=""><br>




4/14/2008 10:08:14 AM

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Subject: Re: html

Hi Pete, you need to use the Publish feature. By default, files on are private and secure, they cannot be linked from other websites without logon.

You can very easily publish a folder / file using DriveHQ FileManager or the website. Just select a folder / file and click on Publish button. Once a folder is published, you can use the Publish URLs to link to the folder or files in it.

You must be a True or Paid Account to publish. To become a True account, you can either deposit $3 into your account, or use a private domain business email address. (ISP email address is not valid). A True account is still a free service account; so it is recommended upgrading to our premium service.


4/14/2008 10:26:15 AM

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