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Hi -

I have subscribed to your service to share files with another person.  I have added her to the list and put money in the account. We are still not able to share/download this file.  What now?

Thx - jltraylor

2/27/2008 2:44:13 PM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: downloading issue

Please make sure you sharing files in a right way. By default, your files are secure and private.

(1) If you need to share with a few people only, please use the share feature;

(2) If you need to share to the public, or if you need to create static links, please use the Publish feature. (you then can use the Publish URLs for linking to the folder and files in it)

To share a folder, you can use our website or better use DriveHQ FileManager 4.0. Once you have shared a folder, the system can send an automatic notification email to the other person.

If the other user is also a DriveHQ member, he can access the shared folders in his special folder: \DriveHQ Share\

It might be easier if you create a sub-account for the other person. You can upgrade your account to a group account for free. Just logon, click on My Account --> Group Account.


2/27/2008 3:14:53 PM

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