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  • elparsa13
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Hy, where can i got information about the monthly maximum bytes? I got this message : 


 You have reached your monthly maximum download bytes. Please contact your Account Administrator for more download bytes.

5/14/2022 11:29:02 PM

  • CameraFTPSupport
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Subject: Re:monthly maximum download bytes

NOTE: Your account is a account. This is a question about your service.

I checked it and noticed that your Download Bytes Usage is much higher than an average CameraFTP user. It has reached the free service limit. I have reset it for you now.

If you order a CameraFTP subscription, you will get a lot more download bytes/month. The chance of reaching maximum download bytes will be very low. 

In general, if it is for regular home/business surveillance service, CameraFTP offers far more download bytes than you need. But if you share your cameras with a lot of people or publish your cameras, and if many people watch your cameras for a very long time, then you probably will need more download bytes. 

5/15/2022 12:12:44 AM

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