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  • valbaio2019
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 Good morning it seems something went wrong with my ftp account but I can't figure what it is. Could You please help me understand?

Best regards

8/31/2021 2:20:40 AM

  • DriveHQ_Support
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Subject: Re:Ftp account limit exceded

DriveHQ's FTP feature is a business feature. In general, it requires a business plan. Free service members can try it for free. However, the free service is very limited. Your usage level has exceeded the free service limit. For business use, please order a business plan. The cheapest plan for business is Business Basic with 3 users. 

For personal users, we recommend using DriveHQ FileManager, WebDAV Drive Mapping or DriveHQ Online Backup


8/31/2021 8:34:21 AM

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