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Hi, is client software required to access DriveHQ storage? I know I can access it from IE, but I want drag-&-drop, is it possible? Sometimes my users use public computers to access my shared files, and they cannot install any software.

9/15/2006 1:48:57 AM

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Subject: Re: Is client software required to access DriveHQ storage?

Client software is not required to access DriveHQ storage. Our service is accessible from most web browsers. However, client software like FileManager 3.0 makes our storage extremely efficient, secure and easy-to-use with lots of advanced functions such as sharing, publishing, synchronization, etc. FileManager also makes upload/download speed much faster for files that can be compressed.

If you cannot install FileManager, you can still access DriveHQ storage with Drag-n-drop. Please type in in your Internet Explorer address bar and click "Go". The FTP service is very convenient. Please read this page for more info:




9/15/2006 10:06:49 AM

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