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I signed up with my hotmail address by mistake,

So I changed from hotmail to my ISP... I get no verification email,

I send email to support and what happened to it????

I hear nothing.... I guess if you want to get help here you have to pay...

Pay for a service you are unsure of...hmmmm... wanted to try it first, since they offered.

NO responce from support makes me think Drive HQ really does not want business, they say they offer something but they do not deliver or so it seems...

I downloaded my pics, after the fact I see I made a mistake...

yet to get a responce I guess I have to PAY... pay for support hmmm ya that is a way to make money...Too bad you lost a customer.

How many are in my situation now?

I see even after a guy paid he still had to write and ask... ya that's service for ya.

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How to become a "True Member" There are two ways:

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11/9/2007 9:22:39 AM

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Subject: Re: Your account email has already been updated

I just checked your account and found that your registered email address has already been updated to email address. However, you must use a private domain corporate email address to qualify for a True Account. Email addresses with an ISP domain are not considered trusted email addresses.

Please note all confirmation emails are sent automatically. Once you changed your email address, the system immediately sends a confirmation to your new email address. If you cannot receive our confirmation email, most likely you cannot receive our support email as well. Please make sure you check your junk / bulk email folders, or contact your ISP not to block/filter DriveHQ emails.

11/9/2007 10:52:32 AM

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