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  • kmarsh65
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I've been using this site to develop my website - for about 4 months it's worked just fine.  I tried to get in today and get this error message:

The published folder has expired

Free users cannot publish folders, files or web pages.  Folders published by free users are for preview only; they will expire in 20 minutes.


I have no idea what that means or why my site won't load.  Any help????



10/24/2007 5:46:02 PM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: Webpage error - please help : Only True or Paid Users can publish websites o...

Please note only True or Paid users can publish on Due to a lot of abuse, we have expired web pages and folders published by free users. You can still publish web pages / files for free if you are a true member (which requires either a real company email address with a private domain, or deposit at least $3 into your DriveHQ account).


As becomes very popular, some free-service users have abused our service by posting inappropriate contents, such as copyrighted materials without proper authorization and pornography, etc. We have seen significant increase of such abuse in the past 6 months. To fight such abuse, we have treated email addresses hosted by email hosting companies as un-trustable unless they use a private company domain name. The result is you must use a company private domain email address (e.g., but not, or to get a True Account.

Anyway, please also note that our free service is designed for personal and casual use only. If it is for business use, or if you use it very heavily, such as uploading / downloading very large files, you should upgrade to premium service. The free service has other restrictions that make it only suitable for personal and casual use.



10/24/2007 7:11:00 PM

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