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I uploaded a zip file into the "root" area. However, I am unable to move it into any folder. When I drag the file on top of a folder, it jumps back. I am using Firefox on a Mac (OS X) with a mac mouse, so I don't have the "right click" "left click" options. "Copy" and "paste" options do not show up under the file, allowing me to move it to a destination folder as outlined in the FAQ. Please help.

2/16/2010 9:24:48 AM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: unable to move file into folder
For Mac, the best solution is to use DriveHQ FTP Service. You can drag and drop upload files / folders using FTP client software. For more info, please visit: click on FAQ and Expand All. Mac FTP client software is available in the Software tab. DriveHQ also has automatic backup software for Mac. Using a web browser, you cannot drag and drop files / folders. This is a web browser limitation. You can use the Cut / Copy / Paste button in the ToolBar to move online files / folders using a web browser. Drag and drop download / upload is not supported in web browser.

2/17/2010 3:50:20 AM

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