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  • cnentwich
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I recently changed a few things around my backup sets, and triggered an upload of one of my "one time only" tasks.

I'm not sure it's anything to do with that, but the service now stopped working. This is what happens:
  • Service starts
  • Finds a task where there is work to do
  • Seems to correctly compile the change set
  • Then when the upload is supposed to start, the service crashes, with no error message. I see a crash in the services log.
  • Service is restarted by Windows and crashes again - rinse and repeat
This is on Windows 7, in 64 bit mode. Any ideas?

2/10/2010 10:48:55 AM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: Service started crashing out of the blue
Thank you for reporting the problem. On Windows 7 and 64-bit OS, please make sure you download the latest 64-bit version DriveHQ Online Backup from our website. (Go to, scroll down to the bottom, click on DriveHQ Software link). A very common problem is you might have some anti-virus / network security software blocked DriveHQ Online Backup. Please double check and make sure you don't have such software blocking DriveHQ. If you still have problem after you have installed the latest version and checked your anti-virus / security software, please try: (1) Delete the new backup task and see if it still crashes. (2) You might want to delete all backup tasks if it still crashes. Note when deleting a backup task, you can choose to keep the files already backed up to (3) Create a new small test backup task and check if it works. You should be able to get it working. If you cannot get a small test backup task working correctly, then the problem is quite strange, and we usually need more detailed info to trouble shoot it. Please email DriveHQ customer support for more support. (4) In a few cases, users changed BackupService logon user account (Windows logon account) and solved the problem. You might want to try it. For more detailed info about changing Windows service logon name, please visit online support page:

2/12/2010 11:09:06 AM

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