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would someone please tell me where I can find the publish url.  It's supposed to be easy to find but I've spent 4 hours searching through this forum for a simple answer.
I've published the folder. Now I need to link to a file in that folder from a web site.

2/1/2010 1:23:44 PM

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Subject: Re: publish

First of all, you must have a True or Paid Account to publish. Free accounts cannot publish folders / websites.

Using website, logon and go to My Storage --> Publish --> Manage My Publish, you can find a list of "Publishes" you've created. From there you can find the Publish URLs to the published folder. You can also find info on how to link to the files in the published folder.

If you use DriveHQ FileManager, it is even easier to find publish URLs. Just select the published folders/files, right click and select Show Publish URL(s).


You can also use our web hosting service. Just copy (upload) files to the wwwhome folder. Your files can be linked as:

(You might have to disable and re-enable your website if you are a True Account).


2/3/2010 2:57:48 AM

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