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A friend sent me a file using DriveHQ with an invite to my email address. Thinking it would be easiest to view the file using the site itself, I signed up. I used the same email that the invite was sent to. Once I signed in and followed the directions, the file is not in the DriveHQ Share folder. I've tried to view it through DriveHQ share address for the view only version as well and received an error stating that it was not the correct email address associated with the share. Again, all the while, I've been using the same exact email address that the invite was sent to. I've double checked for the file in the DriveHQ folder hours later, and still nothing. I'm confused at how to proceed. Please advise. Thank you.


1/15/2010 6:35:04 PM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: Unable to access file

Hi Scarlet,

Thank you for using our service. To trouble shoot the problem, please forward the share notification email to DriveHQ customer support.

Otherwise, to solve the problem, you can ask the other person to share the folder again to your DriveHQ username. When sharing a folder, the person can either enter email addresses, or more easily enter DriveHQ usernames. (Contact groups and sub-group can also be entered).

If a user has already shared a folder before, he/she can use "Manage My Share" feature to edit an existing Share. He/she can also share the same folder again using a different Share Name.


1/18/2010 3:21:06 PM

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