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  • nevermindxjosh
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I read another post stating that the _DHQ_SyncCache_ folder was used for deleted files. How do I access this folder? I accidentally deleted my "My Documents" folder while trying out some backup software (ugh, the irony!), and I have my fingers crossed that I can get it back somehow.

12/22/2009 3:56:07 PM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: How to get to _DHQ_SyncCache_

Sorry to hear that. Please note the backup folder is created only if:

- You have created a synchronized folder using DriveHQ FileManager;

- You deleted a file (or folder) in a synchronized folder;

- DriveHQ FileManager will automatically delete the corresponding file (or folder) in the other sync-ed folder. Before FileManager automatically deletes the file, it creates a special backup folder: _DHQ_SyncCache_

It is recommended using DriveHQ Online Backup to protect your files / folders. When files are backed up using DriveHQ Online Backup, even if you delete the source files / folders, it won't delete the files / folders on server.


12/22/2009 9:56:09 PM

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