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We had a few users complaining about account / subscription cancelation. These users usually just send an email asking to cancel the subscription or delete the account. DriveHQ customer support always replied with instructions, however, due to email filtering, it seems these users never received a reply (or they never read it?).

Information about "account / subscription cancelation" is readily available in many places on website. Users can easily do so online without contacting DriveHQ customer support. DriveHQ customer support can also help on any technical issues. However, for account deletion / subscription cancelation / file deletion, etc. DriveHQ customer support is usually not allowed without more detailed indentity verification.

Below is some quick information on this:

(1) To cancel a subscription, please logon, go to Subscribe --> Current Subscription, select a subscription and cancel it.

If you have a group account, please make sure you delete sub-user accounts before you cancel the subscription. You can delete your sub-user accounts from the "group admin" page.

Canceling your subscription will not delete your files and account. So before or after you cancel, you must delete your files (reduce your storage usage). You can delete your files online using any web browser, or more efficiently, use DriveHQ FileManager or DriveHQ FTP.

(2) To delete an account

To delete a paid account, you must first cancel your subscription(s) and pay any outstanding balance.

To delete a free service account, you just need to delete all files in your account and then abandon the account. Note DriveHQ support cannot delete free service accounts one by one at user's request. Free service accounts will be deleted in batch later.

(3) Regarding automatic service charges:

DriveHQ never automatically debit your credit card or paypal!. Users can cancel the subscription at any time to avoid future service charge. If a user doesn't cancel the subscription online, or if a user doesn't delete files online (reduce storage usage), then DriveHQ will automatically invoice the user for monthly service charges. In this case, the user is liable for the service charges. However, if a user can clearly prove that he forgot to do so and that he had not used the service for a long time, DriveHQ customer support usually can offer up to 3 months' service credit, or offer 50-80% of service discount. Please contact DriveHQ customer support to settle any outstanding balance.





10/19/2009 10:15:35 AM

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