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I have been having trouble connecting to the FTP service, let me tell you how I do it since that may be the problem, I am connecting by using the FTP address of, and using a iseries (ftp) client to connect and drop a file, I have been doing this for a year now and have not had a problem until lately, so I was wondering is using this fixed ip address is the problem, unfortunately our server does not allow us to use a generic name like, so I was wondering if you could offer some advice, this morning is took me four to five tries to just get connected, once connected I have no problem dropping my file. This is the message I receive "Cannot connect to host at address Try again later"

Thank you

7/20/2009 7:54:43 AM

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Subject: Re: FTP Connection Failure

Thank you for reporting the problem. Over the past year, our user base has increased dramatically. Recently it seems our FTP servers are under very heavy load and may become slow to respond during the peak times. We have made some optimization and the performance is better.

In the meantime, we are upgrading our system to add more capacity. We expect it to be done in the next 7 days. We will also add FTP servers that are only available to premium service users.

FYI, when FTP server is running slow, you can still try DriveHQ FileManager or website. They use a different web-based system and the performance could be much better.

7/23/2009 11:33:27 AM

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