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I am using Chaos Software's !ntellect. Emails are stored as .msg files. Since the email manager supports eudora and Tbird, I would think that I could configure to work with !ntellect. How do I select other email clients or direct email manager to my email data folder?

6/16/2009 5:43:26 PM

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Subject: Re: Email Manager

I am not sure if your question is about DriveHQ Online Backup or DriveHQ EmailManager. DriveHQ Online Backup backs up your emails as files; DriveHQ EmailManager is different, it backs up your emails / contacts to DriveHQ Webmail so you can access your emails / contacts online from anywhere! DriveHQ EmailManager also allows you to drag and drop emails / contacts between your local PC and DriveHQ webmail.


DriveHQ Online Backup supports most email clients; you just need to find your email data folder. Unfortunately we cannot help you to find your email data folder. If you'd like to contribute the info, please post it on our support forum.


DriveHQ EmailManager heavily integrates with MS Outlook and Outlook Express so it is hard for us to support other email client software.


6/16/2009 6:22:06 PM

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