With our support of SMTP/POP3 based email service, you can now use any email client software to access DriveHQ email. For Microsoft Outlook Express users, please see the instructions at the bottom on how to configure DriveHQ email service.  

SMTP/POP3 based email is much easier to use than any web-based email. Many email client applications offer powerful features such as message rules, advanced editing, filtering and searching, etc. You also can configure multiple email accounts in one email client. More importantly, you can easily download emails to your local computers, so that emails will be available offline; and by deleting emails on server, you get virtually unlimited mailbox size! 

How to configure Outlook Express to support DriveHQ Email?

You can configure Outlook Express to support DriveHQ Email by the following steps.

1. Lanuch Outlook Express, in the Tools menu, click Accounts.

2. In  the Internet Accounts dailog box, click Add, then select Mail to open the Internet Connection Wizard. Enter your Display name:

3. Enter your DriveHQ.com email address, which is YourUserName@firstcloudit.com.

4. Click Next, then enter E-mail Server Names. Both POP3/IMAP4 and SMTP servers are mail.firstcloudit.com.

5.  Click Next button, it goes to the Inernet Mail Logon screen. Enter your DriveHQ username and password in the required boxes. If you select Remember password option,  you do not need to enter your account info again the next time you lanuch Outlook Express.

6. Click Next button, you are almost done configuring your DriveHQ email. Click Finish to finish the wizard.

7. DriveHQ outgoing server requires authentication, so you must configure the outgoing server. Firstly, in Tool menu, click Accounts. In Internet Accounts page, click Mail tab, then click Properties button, shown as bellow:

Click Servers tab, check Outgoing Mail Server, select My Server requires authentication. Click OK and close the dialog. You are ready to use DriveHQ email.