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DriveHQ has developed top quality cloud IT technologies since 2003, before anybody had even heard of the term "Cloud". Our service is designed to be extremely easy, secure and functional. In particular, it is fully optimized for business that our competitors like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive cannot match.

The First Cloud IT Solution Provider
Feature Summary:
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  • Drag-n-drop upload or download
  • Backup files and emails automatically
  • FTP / email / web hosting
  • Quick file sharing and advanced folder sharing
  • File Manager and WebDAV drive mapping
  • Sub-accounts and group collaboration
  • Folder synchronization
  • A true Drop Box
  • Mobile Apps and Services

An unbeatable price starts at only $4/month for personal plans, or $4-10/user/month for business plans.
Don't be misled by some providers' teaser pricing. They have catches, hidden costs and restrictions, e.g.:

  • Their price is for one computer only. You have to pay for each computer, and you have to pay more for servers.
  • Their price is for one user only. They don't support group accounts, or you must pay a very expensive team license.
  • Their cheap pricing is only available to consumers. Their "pro" level service is many times more expensive.
  • They have poor customer support to consumers.
  • You cannot backup external drives, nor can you backup network mapped drives. (because you are limited to 1 PC)
  • Some online backup companies don't even backup their own data, and they may disappear at any time.
  • They limit maximum file size, and often their software is not reliable to upload large amount of data.
  • They only have a fraction of DriveHQ features. If you need more features, you have to order from other providers.
  • Never believe "unlimited" storage, it is just a marketing trick. You will never get unlimited storage. Moreover, uploading 500GB of data could easily take months. If you are like most of other users, you don't need unlimited storage. With thousands of photos, documents and video clips, you only need 2 to 20 GB of storage. (It will be too slow to actually upload / download HD video files). So why pay for more storage when you cannot upload that much data?
  • If you do need a lot of storage, just call or email us, and we'll be sure to give you the best deal. We will beat competitor's price for the same class of service!

Feature comparison with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.