Edit Microsoft Office files on iPad using DriveHQ

Enterprise WebDAV Service and Office 2 HD



DriveHQ Cloud IT service supports all major mobile platforms, incl. iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows RT (tablets). We support these devices through DriveHQ FileManager client app, FTP, Email, web browser, and WebDAV. For more detailed information about our mobile support, please visit:



On iOS platform, applications are restricted from accessing the local file system. However, if an application can support WebDAV, then it can directly open a file on DriveHQ’s cloud file server and save it back. Office 2 HD (for iPad) supports WebDAV. You can use it to directly edit Microsoft Office files on iPad and save it to DriveHQ’s cloud file server.


Note: You must use DriveHQ’s Enterprise WebDAV Service. The regular WebDAV service will not work. More detailed information about Enterprise WebDAV can be found at:



If you have not created a secure WebDAV key, please visit:


See the screenshot below. You can easily create a new Secure WebDAV Key. After you create one, please make sure to click “Unrestrict” to remove the IP Address restriction.





Launch Office 2 HD.



Click on Edit, you will see the screenshot below.







Click Add Service. You will see a list of services.






Select “Other WebDAV”. You will be asked to provide the WebDAV server and account information.






You need to enter DriveHQ Enterprise WebDAV Service Information. The regular WebDAV service may not work.


Username: Enter your DriveHQ username (or just leave it blank)

Password: Enter your DriveHQ password (or just leave it blank)

(The Secure WebDAV Server Name contains an encrypted version of your username and password, so it is more secure than regular other WebDAV services)


Description: Enter a description for this connection (can be anything, e.g. “DriveHQ”)

Server: dhqid#########.webdav.drivehq.com/  (copy it from your Secure WebDAV URL, only the host name part is required)

Port: 80 (or 443 if use SSL)                                         

SSL: You can leave it as is, or turn on SSL. Either way, it should be fine.







After entering your DriveHQ WebDAV information, press Save to save the service information, then press Done to finish adding the service.






After you save your WebDAV information, you can see DriveHQ is listed on the left-hand side. You can press DriveHQ to connect to the DriveHQ WebDAV server. It will then list the files and folders in your DriveHQ account.


You can navigate the folders and subfolders to find a document file to edit.




After you finish editing the file, you can save changes back to the DriveHQ WebDAV server.


To save your changes, you can press the disk icon on upper left corner.



Your file will be saved back to the DriveHQ WebDAV server.


Because DriveHQ WebDAV is integrated with DriveHQ’s Cloud IT Service, your files will also be available on DriveHQ.com website and DriveHQ FileManager client software on PC, MAC and other mobile devices.


DriveHQ Enterprise WebDAV service also supports Android and Microsoft’s new Windows RT. Microsoft Surface RT tablet bundles Office 2013. Windows RT can map DriveHQ cloud IT system as a network drive. (e.g. Z:\), making it extremely easy to open and edit Office files.